Those items listed below are currently available.  We are working on a wider range of unique top quality collectables, that were approved by Ray before his death and The Ray & Diana Harryhausen Foundation.

Most of the items seen on this page will soon be available in our shop.  


So far there have been five books written and compiled by Ray and/or Tony Dalton.  The first and second -  An Animated Life and The Art of Ray Harryhausen are published in revised editions as paperbacks.  A Century of Model Animation and Ray Harryhausen's Fantasy Scrapbook are only available as hardback editions.

All of these books can be purchased in all good bookshops and online.  See Useful Links.

In addition to those books the Foundation has published a soft cover special limited edition book called Ray Harryhausen - A Life in Pictures. This book will be available through our on-line store, on Amazon UK (under ISBN, 9780992804909), on Ebay (type in the title) and through selected bookshops - The BFI Southbank (The National Film Theatre),  Forbidden Planet store and exhibitions. See Useful Links.

Ray Harryhausen - A Life in Pictures

Sir Christopher Frayling and John Landis holding one of the first copies of the book at Ray's 90th celebrations at the National Film Theatre in London.

Photo by Mark Mawston

Ray Harryhausen - An Animated Life in Paperback


The definitive biography of Ray's life and career with over 1000 black and white and colour images. It also includes a full filmography and Index.  Foreword by Ray Bradbury.

Paperback only


Ray's unique and specialised art executed throughout his life.  This also includes influences on his work and style. Foreword by Peter Jackson.


The Art of Ray Harryhausen - Paperback


Paperback edition


A history of dimensional stop-motion animation from Melies to Aardman which also includes techniques used by Ray in his work.  Foreword by Randy Cook, Peter Lord and James Gurney.

Hardback only



This latest and last volume is not a rewrite of Ray's 1972 book Film Fantasy Scrapbook, but a totally new layout  incorporating never-before-seen models, miniatures, black and white and colour images, artwork and papers relating to his early experiments, his 16 features and unrealised projects.

Foreword by John Landis.


Fantasy Scrapbook Back Cover



The back cover of the new book showing Ray sitting at his desk in his London study with some of his collection. 






Ray Harryhausen and Tony Dalton recommend Neil Pettigrew's The Stop-Motion Filmography

This is a huge (850 pages!), exhaustive survey of all feature films that contain stop-motion puppet animation. All the films of Ray Harryhausen and Willis O'Brien are discussed in detail, as well as many with animation sequences by Jim Danforth, Phil Tippett, David Allen, Karel Zeman and others.

There are 32 pages of colour stills, plus numerous black and white stills. A series of appendices provide filmographies for 47 stop-motion animators, 'top ten lists' of favourite animation sequences compiled by the animators themselves, a price guide to collecting stop-motion film posters, and much more.

Available from the publishers (McFarland & Co Inc), Amazon and and other premiere book stores.


The Foundation fully intends to make other bronzes available in the future.

The first of these are the Children of the Hydra's Teeth approved by Ray and cast by Raven Armoury in England. The set will consist of seven unique and handmade bronze or silvered bronze skeletons based on Ray's creations as seen in Jason and the Argonauts. A set can be purchased or any individual skeleton. All come in a special presentation box with a limited edition brochure called The Harryhausen 'Living' Skeleton by Tony Dalton. Check them out 


A sample of the bronze skeletons with their presentation boxes.


A set of silvered bronze skeletons with their presentation boxes.


The cover of the presentation brochure that comes with every set or individual bronze skeleton.  It has been written by Tony Dalton and details the story of Ray's 'living skeletons' from his first concepts to his last.  This is a unique collectors items.  The booklet also includes a certificate of authenticity.

Check them out

From the hand of the stop motion master Ray Harryhausen, comes a limited edition bronze called PREHISTORIC CHALLENGE.

The Prehistoric Challenge bronze was inspired by Ray’s love of all things dinosaur. While anyone seeing it is immediately reminded of Ray’s one film for Hammer Films, One Million Years BC, this sculpture represents a different theme! This is Ray’s fantasy version of the prehistoric world where a Cro-Magnon man protects his mate from the jaws of a cerotosaurus!

Prehistoric Challenge is limited to 60 castings. The solid bronze casting, set on green marble, measures 5 ½” high by 6 ¼” deep and 9 ½ wide and weighs approximately 15 lbs. Interested parties can email for purchase details.

Please click on the images below, to view larger versions:


We are proud to announce the partnership between The Ray & Diana Harryhausen Foundation and Animation Toolkit for the production of the Ray Harryhausen approved armature kit.  Branded as ‘Armacreature’, the kit features over 100 stainless steel parts that can be used by animation professionals, students and enthusiasts to enable them to build and create characters and creatures from scratch.

Want to buy one (or two) go to the link:
Armacreature Professional Animation kit

The armature kit is packaged in a
reproduction film can.

Two examples of what can be created with the Ray Harryhausen
Armacreature kit.

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