The London Film Museum

After nearly a year of preparation the Foundation has opened a massive exhibition of Ray's models and work at The London Film Museum (see Useful Links) on Ray's actual birthday, the 29th June. The consultants on the event were Leslie Hardcastle, who designed the exhibition, Jonathan Sands, the Chief Executive of the museum and Tony Dalton in his capacity as curator of the collection.  It took nearly five days to install all the models featured in the exhibition amongst which are two of the saucers from Earth Vs the Flying Saucers, the crab from Mysterious Island, the head of the rhedosaurus from The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms, an armature tentacle and the torso of the octopus from It Came From Beneath the Sea, the dragon and Roc heads from The 7th Voyage of Sinbad, a skelton and a bronze copy by Ray of Talos from Jason and the Argonauts, the allosaurus, ceratosaurus, triceratops, pteradactyl, achelon and a miniature figure of Rachel Welch from One Million Years B.C., Gwangi and the styracosaurus from The Valley of Gwangi, the golden mask, the homunculus, the griffin, the figurehead from The Golden Voyage of Sinbad, two of the ghouls the small baboon and the Minaton from Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger, Pegasus, an unused armature of Pegasus, the large vulture, a scorpion, the small Calibos and Medusa from Clash of the Titans.

The exhibition also includes a display of stop-motion pioneers including Willis O'Brien and a bronze made by Ray of Kong fighting the t.rex inspired by King Kong.  There are clips of all the creatures in action and Ray explaining  how they came about and an eight foot high Medusa to scare all the kids, young and old.

After Ray had cut the ribbon to open the exhibition everyone made their way round the exibits.  Also there were many friends and work colleagues including Ken Ralston (who was seen bowing to Ray's statue in the exhibition), Gary Raymond, Martine Beswicke, Caroline Munro, Terry Gilliam, Rick Baker, John Landis and Peter Jackson.  Ray then celebrated his 90th with champagne and a special cake in the Riverside Room of the museum with Diana, Vanessa and friends.

The exhibition will run until at least June 2011 and if extended we will advise on this site as soon as we have word. 

Please click on the images below, to view larger versions:

Ray cuts the ribbon that opens a year long exhibition of his work and creations.  (Left to right) Jonathan Sands, the Chief Executive of The London Film Museum, Tony Dalton (exhibition consultant) and Vanessa Harryhausen.  In the background is Diana Harryhausen. Photo: Mark Mawston.

Top – (left to right) – Chris Endicott, Terry Gilliam,
Ken Ralston with Diana Harryhausen and Ray.
In front of the exhibition poster.
Photo: Mark Mawston.

Top – left to right – Colin Arthur, Terry Gilliam, Ken Ralston, Randy Cook with Diana and Ray.
Photo: Mark Mawston.

Vanessa with her mother and father.
Photo: Mark Mawston.

Ray poses with his statue on loan to the exhibition from Gentle Giant Studios in Los Angeles.
Photo: Mark Mawston.

Honouring the master.  Left to right – Rick Baker,
John Landis, Ray and Peter Jackson.
Photo: Mark Mawston.

‘Putty in your hands’.  Ray only has to put his hand
out and John feels the need to be animated.
Photo: Mark Mawston.

A thorn between two roses.  Actresses Martine
Beswicke and Caroline Munro pose with Ray.
Photo: Mark Mawston.

Ray, helped by Vanessa, blows out the 9 candles on
his special 90th birthday cake at The London
Film Museum.
Photo: Mark Mawston.

Ray sticks the knife into Medusa.  Holding hands
with Diana Ray cuts the Medusa cake
watched over by Vanessa and Tony.
Photo: Mark Mawston.

‘Happy Birthday’. Photo: Mark Mawston.

Ray kisses Diana’s hand. Photo: Mark Mawston.


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