NFT event - 90th Tribute

Ray was totally unaware that this was to be a tribute to him from all his family, friends and colleagues.  He thought it was to be an on-stage chat with Tony.  As soon as he arrived there was a photo shoot which he did observe was unusual but it was only when he was joined by all the speakers, who had gathered in the NFT Green Room, that he knew this was not what he had expected.  Amongst those who were there were Dennis Muren, Randy Cook, Phil Tippett, Chris Endicott, Nick Park, Peter Lord, David Sproxton, Gary Raymond, John Cairney, Colin Arthur, Caroline Munro, Sir Christopher Frayling, Jim Aupperle, Dr Rolf Giesen, Mark Caballero, Seamus Walsh, Ken Ralston, Rick Baker, Vanessa Harryhausen, Tony Dalton and Peter Jackson.

The Birthday Celebration was a two hour filmed special hosted by film director John Landis with a specially edited montage by Tony Dalton featuring the music of Bernard Herrmann.  Clips were also shown from most of Ray's feature films as well as filmed tributes from James Cameron, George Lucas, Frank Darabont, Tim Burton, Guillermo del Toro, Stephen Czerkas, Phil Tippett, Steven Speilberg, Aardman and Ray Bradbury.  Written tributes came in from Jon Berg, Martine Beswicke, Honor Blackman, Judi Bowker, Bob and Kathy Burns, Desmond Davies, Gordon Hessler, Laurie Johnson, Randal M. Dutra, Tom St. Amand, Harry Walton and Douglas Wilmer.

To end, Ray was presented with a special Bafta by Peter Jackson.  The inscription reads 'Ray Harryhausen - Special Award for a Unique and Outstanding Contribution to Cinema.  26th June 2010'.  To round off the stage event all the speakers had their photograph taken on stage with Ray.  This was then followed by a Bafta champagne reception at the NFT.

During the event Tony Dalton, on behalf of the Foundation, presented Ray with a hard cover copy of the new book Ray Harryhausen - A Life in Pictures to Ray who had known nothing about its publication.  The book is now available as a limited edition.  See Collectables.

Tony Dalton, the event producer, and Tim Nicholson, the associate event producer, would like to say a big thank you to everyone who attended on the evening, especially to those that had travelled from all over the globe.

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Gary Raymond (left) who played Prince Acastus and John Cairney (right) who played Hylas in Jason and the Argonauts. Photo: Mark Mawston.

The beautiful actress Caroline Munro who played Princess Margiana in The Golden Voyage of Sinbad.
Photo: Mark Mawston.

‘The Three Stooges’.  Ken Ralston (left), Dennis Muren (centre) and Phil Tippett (right).  Three of the greatest special creators in the business. Photo: Mark Mawston.

A dear friend Rick Baker, master
makeup designer.
Photo: Mark Mawston.

Vanessa Harryhausen and Tony Dalton (the event producer) who presented Ray with a special copy of Ray Harryhausen – A Life in Pictures to a very surprised Ray. Photo: Mark Mawston.

Vanessa and Tony
give their special tributes to Ray.
Photo: Bafta.

The very entertaining Colin Arthur who worked with Ray on three of his movies.  Colin is relating how Ray protected himself from the sun whilst on location. Photo: Mark Mawston.

Peter Jackson showing the audience at the NFT his Cyclops and relating how much of an influence Ray was on him as a 14 year-old budding animator.
Photo: Mark Mawston.

Ray tells the audience how proud he is to have been awarded the Bafta whilst Tony holds the very heavy mask and Peter stands in the background.
Photo: Mark Mawston.

Tony, Ray and Peter just after Ray had been
presented with his very special Bafta
by Peter Jackson.
Photo: Empire.

All the speakers gathered on the stage in
honour of Ray and his Bafta award.
Photo: Mark Mawston.

John Landis (left) the master of ceremonies, looks on at all Ray’s friends and colleagues face the audience. Photo: Mark Mawston.

Ray smiles down.  Photo: Empire.

No way was Ray going to leave that Bafta award out of his hands. Photo: Mark Mawston.

Vanessa and Ray pose with the Bafta.  Photo: Bafta.

(Left to right) Tony, John Landis, Ray (behind the mask), Tim Nicholson (associate event producer), Randy Cook and Terry Gilliam. Photo: Mark Mawston.


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