Ray's 90th


(Left to right) Tony Dalton, John Landis, Ray, Tim Nicholson (associate event producer), Randy Cook and Terry Gilliam. Photo: Mark Mawston.

During June 2010 there were a number of events in London to celebrate Ray's 90th birthday, which was on the 29th June.  Aside from a series of films at the BFI Southbank (the National Film Theatre) in London, that included screenings of The 7th Voyage of Sinbad, The Valley of Gwangi and Mighty Joe Young, there were also special events which Ray attended personally.  These were a screening of Jason and the Argonauts on Sunday 20th June and King Kong on Thursday 24th June More»  Also, on Wednesday 23rd June Tony Dalton delivered a lecture, based on Ray and Tony's book A Century of Model Animation called From Méliès to Harryhausen: An Illustrated Talk.

The main event at the NFT was however a special evening on Saturday 26th June that not only celebrated Ray's 90th but his body of work.  This, along with various other events, was a complete surprise to Ray.  He was expecting an on-stage chat between him and Tony Dalton.  Instead he listened to tributes, from a succession of special celebrity guests. More »

As though that wasn't enough, on Ray's actual birthday, the Ray and Diana Harryhausen Foundation, along with The London Film Museum opened a special exhibition of Ray's work and models at The London Film Museum (see Useful Links).  Ray cut the ribbon and invited guests made their way around the three exhibition rooms.  This is one of the largest exhibitions that either Ray or the Foundation have mounted and will last for at least a year.  More »

At the exhibition it was announced that The Ray & Diana Harryhausen Foundation would be housing the colllection at The National Media Museum in Bradford, England. More »

Special effects designer Ken Ralston kneeling in homage to Ray at the London Film Museum a few days before the opening of the exhibition.  Courtesy of Tamara Choi.

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